Artistic Legacy Fund


Purpose: The Legacy Fund is in honor of Theater Grottesco’s 20th year in Santa Fe (32 years of existence!). It is designed as a contingency fund to permit the company to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves in any given year, but were not in the approved budget.

One example from 2015 was an invitation to perform “The Moment of YES!” at the national Network of Ensemble Theaters (NET) conference in Maine this past August. In order to cover travel expenses, artist’s and conference fees, $5,000 was required beyond the discounts and support provided. The company went - and showcased the work to 85 of its national peers, including a program officer from the Andrew Mellon Foundation, a critical player in the funding of ensemble theater. Theater Grottesco also received touring offers from theaters in San Francisco and New York which will allow the play to develop and reach a much broader audience while providing more work for Grottesco company members.

A second example from 2015 was a small grant for Grottesco to continue its collaboration with two Oakland dance companies. The grant didn’t cover the expenses incurred, but the collaboration has helped fuel Grottesco’s artistic vitality and made it worth the risk to follow through and continue the collaboration.

The Artistic Legacy Fund will remove the financial risk inherent with these kinds of activities and allow the company to take advantage of important opportunities without jeopardizing the fiscal responsibility for which Grottesco is known.

Goals: Theater Grottesco is raising $25,000 for the Artistic Legacy Fund. When the first $10,000 is raised it will be matched by an anonymous donor. Currently, $6,925 has been raised.

Structure: The Artistic Ensemble will propose projects and activities to be funded by the Artistic Legacy Fund to the Board of Directors, who will approve the expenditures. Any monies that are not used in any given year will roll into the next year. When funds dip below $10,000, a new campaign will be launched to replenish the Fund.

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